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Brand: Czech Pipe Tool
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This combination pipe reamer, tamper and poker tool is an essential accessory for the classy pipe smoker. Functional, practical, easy to use.

Czech Pipe Tool – Classy Description

This classy pipe reamer, pipe tamper and pipe poker tool is often called a Czech pipe tool. Is it because Czechs invented pipe smoking? Is it because it is a unique design adopted by Czechs? I don’t know. But look at this guy.


Just look at those spectacles! What a classy guy. Even if he is covered in bird poop.

This was one of the first photos that came up when I Googled “Czechs”. Turns out, he was the very first president of Czechoslovakia after World War I. They made a bronze bust of the dude, and just look at that mustache! I bet they named it a Czech pipe tool because pipes are classy and this guy is classy. A perfect match!

Pipe Reamer – Pipe Tamper – Pipe Tool

It comes with a pipe reamer (the scoop), used to scrape old tobacco and excess carbon buildup from the pipe; a pipe poker (the shaft), used to poke a hole in your tobacco that acts like a chimney to aid in combustion; and a pipe tamper (the other bit), used to gently crush white ash and make a nice, level seal on top.

Here’s another image that appeared when I Googled “Czhechs”:


Notice the mixing spoons, rubber chickens and ecstatic expressions. Oh you silly Czechs.

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