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The goal of Scotch & Smoke Rings is to find the world’s best, high quality, affordable dress items that anyone can buy. Our style is inspired by that of the early 20th century, with a modern twist.

I was frustrated trying to find quality stuff that fit me. Over the years, I have found a selection of items that work well for me, are durable, easy to get, and have a classic style. I’ve also learned a lot about the differences between style and fashion that I can share with like-minded gentlemen. Here is the philosophy that goes into the selection of all items curated on this site:

Timeless Style

Things that are fashionable today are hopelessly out of fashion tomorrow, but style is always in style. I’ve spent much time learning the differences between style and fashion, and have accumulated a wardrobe that will look as good in 50 years as it does today, because it follows a few basic principles:

  • Restrained – Items that are simple and restrained actually stand out more, and are more attractive, than items that are noisy and overly bold. I look for classic shapes and small accents or details.
  • Natural Fibers – Man-made materials are cheap and plentiful. They also deteriorate quickly. To make matters worse, most people today don’t notice the difference between a linen sports jacket or an acrylic sports jacket, and they’re happy to pay linen prices for what is essentially plastic. Instead, I focus on items made from natural materials. Sometimes they are more expensive than man-made options, but you can often find things made well that are just as cheap as things made poorly.
  • Fit – Today’s world has a vastly more diverse array of body sizes than the world of our grandparents. This makes it difficult to find quality items that fit. I’ve worked hard to find items that are available in a wide selection of sizes, so that you’ll always find something that fits. Nothing I promote will only come in size “small”. I will make sure to include Big & Tall options. Everyone should have access to style, regardless of body type.
  • Manly – Today’s fashion for men is slim-fit and tight-fitting. I dislike slim-fitting clothing on men. Instead, I think a man’s outline should be defined by the cut of the cloth rather than his bulging belly or chiseled pecs. Women often wear clothing to accentuate their shape. Instead, I think men should wear clothing that is practical first, stylish second.
  • Affordable – These days, you can drop $300 on a pair of plastic and rubber sneakers that are vulgar, ugly, low-class, and that will wear out quickly. For half the price, you can find a nice pair of genuine italian leather wing-tip shoes, which look good on any man. My goal is to find classy things that will not  break the bank.