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All right, so this is my new Rabbit Air Filter. The thing that’s cool about is it’s got this auto mode. There’s a sensor on the side right there and that is supposed to be able to detect the level of foreign particulates in the air and adjust the settings on the filter automatically, based on how much the machine thinks your air needs to be filtered.

Now I have this cigar. I bought this to be a cigar filter. Just purchased it, just opened it, never tried this out before. But I’m going to light up a cigar and we’re going to see together how quickly this thing will turn on.  Right now it’s moving on silent mode which means that it thinks that there’s clean air. It’s got the blue light on the air. The quality indicator says blue. If it turns red, then that means that it’s really nasty air and it needs to be filtered. Here we go, lighting up a cigar. Let’s see how quick it does it.

All right machine, do your thing. Oh, did you see that? Oh, did you see that it just went red. Oh, look, it’s going red. Look at that. Can you hear it? It’s really going loud now. Look at that! All right. So it was here on silent. It went up to low, medium, it’s on high right now. If I hold the cigar right next to it, will it go to turbo?  Nope, I guess cigar smoke only necessitates high mode.

So there you go, ladies and gentleman, only a few seconds after lighting my cigar and this air filter automatically detected the smoke in the air and adjusted settings accordingly. That’s pretty cool.

Brandon M. Dennis
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