• How to Wax a Cotton Jacket – Otter Wax Tutorial

    How to Wax a Cotton Jacket Hey there folks this Brandon and with this video I want to show you how to wax a cotton jacket or coat. The reason for this is because I’m trying to gear up for winter and fall. It’s getting really rainy and I just got this new coat and […]

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  • How to Waterproof Colored Leather


    How to waterproof leather without changing its color These are new pair of boots that I got and as you can see, they’re not dark brown, they’re not black, they’re kind of a lighter brown, almost a grayish looking color. And the problem that many of you have come to realize, I’m sure, is that […]

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  • Cigar Air Filter


    Get it here: All right, so this is my new Rabbit Air Filter. The thing that’s cool about is it’s got this auto mode. There’s a sensor on the side right there and that is supposed to be able to detect the level of foreign particulates in the air and adjust the settings on […]

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  • Rabbit Air Unboxing – Minus A2 SPA-700A


    Get it here: All right, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this unboxing of the Rabbit Air Filter Unit A2 Minus A2 ultra quiet air purifier. I bought this because I’m a cigar smoker, and I needed something to filter the air in my office AKA my garage. This is a 250-square foot space. This […]

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  • How to Smoke a Cigar


    Just starting? Here are some affordable cigar samplers I recommend: Rocky Patel 5 Pack – $21.95 – Rocky Patel makes great cigars. With this pack, you can get 5 top-notch cigars for under $5 a stick. These range in length from 4 in to 7.5 in, and from a 48 gauge to 52 gauge. […]

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