Transcript – Scotch & Smoke Rings Episode 157

Oxhorn:  All right, look, I know many of you think that I’m joking, but I really can’t continue with this broadcast.  I mean, it’s not working.  I’m online for a brief moment, and then I’m offline, right?  Actually, let’s see if my music works.  Music works.  Chat works.  Video works for now.  I don’t know.  Should I actually go through with it?  [pause]  I mean, I want to smoke a cigar.  That’s the thing.  I really want to light up this stogie and entertain you fine fellows.  [pause]  Why are you guys talking about glass cleaners?  I don’t understand.  The secret.  That’s right.  I do have a secret, don’t I?  Jake says, “You might remember me as Slenderman.  I’m proud to announce that within a month I will start releasing my machinimas.  Thank you so much for being such a huge inspiration to me.”  Jake, it is a pleasure and we can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with.  Yeah, yeah I am online.  I know, I said I was done, but there are still so many of you still in chat and I’m currently able to broadcast.  I don’t know how long this will last.  Brad says, “Quick, the secret before you go down.”

All right.  The secret, look—TopMag says he wants to see me smoke a cigar.  Oh, I’m getting distracted, right.  You want to know the secret?  Yeah, no I should probably light my cigar first.  It’s important.  Don’t worry, ladies and gentlemen.  I’ve got time.  I’m going to let you know about the secret.  My cigar is right here.  It’s unwrapped.  It hasn’t been smoked yet.  It’s still in its wrapper.  It’s a great secret.  It’s a wonderful secret.  You guys are going to really enjoy it and I can’t wait to tell you about it, but I can’t do it without a mouthful of smoke, right?  Stumphorn says, “Is it about pandas?”  Maybe just a little bit.  [pause]

All right.  Here’s the secret.  Blizzard is giving me ten invitations to—what’s it called?  Let me open up my mail.  To the Battle.net World Championships in Shanghai, China November 17th through the 18th.  This is exceptionally hard to get into, I understand.  It’s expensive.  The tickets are already sold out for Americans, but I have ten tickets to give away.  That’s the big secret.  Now I don’t know how I’m going to do that.  Blizzard emailed me and they said, “Oxhorn, we know you guys have an awesome community.  I’ve got a bunch of these tickets we’d like you to give away.  But first, Oxhorn, we need to make sure that you are able to give these tickets away to people who will actually go.”  And the reason is that it’s expensive to go to China.  You have to have passports.  There are age restrictions.  There are a whole bunch of hoops you’ve got to go through, and it’s coming up in November.  So if you don’t have a passport right now, you can’t go.  So if I were to give you one of these tickets, one of these passes, and you didn’t have a passport, it would be a waste.  So that’s the problem that I’m facing right now.

All right.  You know what?  I am doing pretty good on this stream, right?  I’m still online.  So what I’m going to do is I’m going to go ahead and invite everybody back in.  Hang on.  Hopefully this works.  [pause]  OK, I just sent out the invite telling everybody that I’m back online.  Hopefully this entire thing won’t go caput after having done so.  But that’s so far so good.  No harm, no foul.  Anyway, ladies and gentlemen, so that is the issue that I’m dealing with right now.  I don’t know how to give away these keys.  It’s not a key.  It’s a ticket.  He’s given me ten unique tickets to the Blizzard—is it called an invitational?  It’s technically called Battle.net World Championships held in Shanghai, China, November 17th through the 18th.  Players from 30 countries have participated.  Yada, yada, yada.  We recognize that it will be difficult for the non-Chinese audience to purchase a ticket if they desire to attend, so we’ve decided to give you some tickets to give away to your community.  Great.  So I’ve got tickets to give away to my community.  This is for the Battle.net World Championships in Shanghai, China, November 17th through the 18th.  This is something that I would love to go to.  They offered to send me for free.  Well, they offered to send me a ticket for free, but I would have to pay for the travel by myself and that’s expensive.  So I’m not going.  But I’m giving away ten tickets to anyone who wants them, basically.  If you have a passport, you can legally go to China, you’re at the right age, and you have the money to go—we’re talking about plane airfare, which will be very expensive—to go to China.  We’re talking about hotels and accommodations for two days, which is going to be really expensive.  If you have all of that and you are able to go and you still want a ticket, I’m giving them away, OK?  I have ten to give away.  I just have to figure out how I want to give them away.  So maybe you guys in chat can give me some advice and tell me how I should give these away.

For those who are just joining, never fear.  I will go over the details of this new prize that I have to give away in a moment.  If you’re really itching for more information, you can ask the people in chat, and I’m sure they’re going to tell you more about it.  The Lady says, “Could you hook us up with sweet hotel deals?”  Actually, I could.  I actually work for a hospitality technology company, so I probably could.  But I’m not going to so, sorry.  [laughs]  Anyway, so that is the deal.  I’ve got a bunch of great stuff to give away.  I love giving stuff away to the community because you guys are my bread and butter.  You guys make everything happen.  You come to my show.  You buy my music.  You watch my movies.  I love you guys.  I want to give back to you and so this is one of the things I’m going to do.  I just want to make sure that I’m not going to be wasting any of these tickets on people who aren’t actually going to go.  Just as long as everybody in the Scotch and Smoke Rings community realizes that they’re going to have to be honest with me so that they don’t take away this opportunity from someone else.

Mr. Boozles on Twitter says, “Chat is busy.  How about an essay contest?”  You know, an essay contest does sound fun.  I’ve got a short story and poetry contest running currently right now at Oxhorn.com and the prize is a beta key, a Mists of Pandaria beta key and a bunch of other stuff.  So if you want to enter that contest, by all means feel free.  We’ve got a lot of prizes to give away.  I’m giving hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of prizes to give away, maybe even over a thousand dollars worth of prizes to give away.  And we’ve got some great entries so far.  But by no means are all of the entries, you know, locked in place.  So you have an opportunity to win all sorts of great stuff.  If you don’t know about my contests, go to Oxhorn.com.  I’m running nine different contests.  I’ve got beta keys, framed signed pieces of Blizzard artwork, figurines, in-game pets, free year’s worth of subscription:  a lot of wonderful things that I’m giving away.

Additionally, a company called Gunnar contacted me.  They’re a fan of what I do and they said, “Look, you’re doing these great contests.  We want to participate.  We’re going to give you four pair of advanced gaming eyewear glasses.”  Now apparently, if you wear these glasses, you will become better at video games.  Yes, I know.  That’s the claim, right?  Well, I’ve got four pair to give away and I’m going to be giving them away with this contest.  So you can submit a machinima movie, submit an original song, and I have a number of other contests on that page that you can submit to to win some of these magical eyeglasses that will make you better at video games.  They actually do look really cool, I have to admit.  They’re going to give me a free pair just for the heck of it, so I’m excited.  But I’ve got four other pair to give away to you.  You’ll be able to shoot people better in Call of Duty.  Do people play Call of Duty still?  Yeah?  What about Counterstrike?  Do people still play Counterstrike?  I remember Counterstrike way back in the day.  What about Duke Nukem?  Wolfenstein.   Do people still play Wolfenstein?  I don’t even know, but it was a good game.  Old Ironbark on Twitter says, “Oxhorn, how about you have people mail you copies of their passports and names and then pull the names out of a hat?  Best I could come up with.”  Sir, that is a great idea, although I think it might be a little fishy if I say, “Hey, everybody, send me a copy of your very private passports, maybe even your Social Security numbers and driver’s license if you would like to participate in this contest.  Hey, I’m Oxhorn.  You can trust me.”  Might be a little—I don’t know if that would be a very wise thing for me to do, but I appreciate your passion, Ironbark.  That’s a really, really good idea.  [laughs]

HStar says, “The show is on late.”  Yes, today was a strange day.  I was delayed two hours because of work, then I had internet issues.  I am back online right now.  I told everyone I wasn’t going to do it, but there were so many of you still in chat, that you lured me back in.  And here I am, smoking a cigar right before your very eyes.  And I didn’t even want to, so here I am.  And my cigar went out.  That’s what I get for talking too much.  All right, here’s a tip:  you’re not supposed to use your lighter to light the cigar, but you can use a lighter to light the cedar.  That will impart the flame, but not the lame.  And then you can use the cedar to light your cigar.  [pause]  Brad says, “Ox, how many of the prizes are there, like I mean, like per contest inventory?”  All right, since many of you are unable to click on a link and read text on a page, I will do it for you.  I kid.  I kid.  I’m just giving you a hard time.  Come on.  Don’t be so sensitive, right?  No, it’s OK.   I’m happy to read the contest prizes for you since obviously you have a vision impediment.  Again, I kid.  I’m just giving you a hard time.  Actually, I can’t get my page to load.  Did my internet just go down again?  Please tell me my internet did not go down again.  Ah.  Why isn’t it working?  There we go.  All right.  My internet is not down.  I’m still streaming live for the world.  Ha ha ha ha.  OK.  There we go.  Fine.

All right, ladies and gentlemen, I’m going to go over these prizes very briefly.  [pause]  OK.  Carddon says, “Nicholas is wide awake and laughing at your burly gentleman self.”  Good.  This is what I hope to achieve.  My life goal is to provoke laughter.  Yes, maybe it’s just a little slow.  OK.  Contests.  Here’s a brief overview of my contests, ladies and gentlemen, so that those in the chat who are to date unfamiliar with them will see what I’m currently running and where they can get the prizes.  By the way, the contests end this Sunday, so you have a few days left to get your entries to me.  I’ve gotten some great entries, but the contests are not over, so you all have a moment.  Contest number one, OK, I’ve got to be careful here.  I’m saying right now I’m not giving away beta keys during this show, all right?  I realize that the past two shows, I have been giving away beta keys.  But right now, I am not giving away beta keys because I’m running low on them and I want to save them for the contests and for other things.  So I’m going to say the word “panda”, but I’m not giving away beta keys during this chat.  I will on my social channels, but not during this chat, OK?  Not during this chat.  No.  No.  No, don’t say exterminator.  Ah, guys.  Guys, don’t say exterminator.  I’m not—superawesome unicorn, MorimBori, really?  All right, I’m not giving away beta keys during this show right now.  But I will continue to do so on Twitter and Facebook.  OK, maybe I’ll give some away later, but I’m not right now.  While I’m reading the text of my contest page, I will not be giving away keys so that I can say the word “panda” without you freaking out, all right?  Panda is on limits now, without a beta key.  Just so you know.

Anyway, so contest number one is, of course, my Panda Exterminator contest.  The prize for that contest is a Mists of Pandaria beta key.  Now the way this contest works is you go to my Facebook page, Facebook profile, Twitter and Google Plus, follow me, add me to your circles, like me.  I will randomly log on to one of those channels and say “panda”.  The first person to respond with “exterminator” wins.  Those are also the rules if I were to do this in the chat, which I might do later but I’m not doing now, just so we all know.  All right?  That’s the prize for that.  Contest number two, machinima contest.  Make a unique machinima movie and send it to me.  Whomever makes the best one wins.  And here are the prizes:  one Murkablo in-game World of Warcraft pet, which also includes a Starcraft 2 in-game portrait, one Mists of Pandaria beta key, and one advanced Gunnar eyewear glasses.  These are the glasses that make you play video games better.  All right, that’s the machinima contest.

The third contest, contest number three is my logo design contest.  My website, ScotchAndSmokeRings.com, where you are all at right now is a fantastic website.   However, the logo that I threw together in 13 seconds is not the kind of logo that I would really like.  So for all of those out there who are good at the internets and the Photoshops, you now have the opportunity to craft a logo for this website that I like.  Submit it to me.  The one I like best wins.  Here are the prizes for the logo contest:  a framed piece of Blizzard artwork signed by the artist, his name is Adrian Pane or something like that, one piece of advanced gaming eyewear from Gunnar, and one Mists of Pandaria beta key.  This contest has had more submissions that all the others.  Stiff competition, I have to say, but it’s all really great.  [pause]  Mr. Boozle says, “I have my beta.  Where is my smoke ring-blowing top hat that makes me bacon?”  You know what, sir?  You should probably invent that.  It’s a wonderful idea and I promise I won’t steal it.  Invent it and get it produced and you will be the next millionaire.  Number four is my fan art contest.  Create some fan art about Oxhorn or Mists of Pandaria or something like that.  Submit it to me, and you will win the prize.  The first place winner will win a free year of World of Warcraft.  It’s a card with a free year’s subscription on it.  One piece of advanced gaming eyewear from Gunnar and, of course, a Mists of Pandaria beta key.

Contest number five is my blogging with class contest.  The winner of this contest will get a Blizzcon 2011 swag bag, minus the pet.  It doesn’t come with the pet, but everything else is there.  I have the complete swag bag contents listed on my website.  You also get a Mists of Pandaria beta key, and there are actually two beta keys I’m giving away with this contest:  one for the best blog response and the other for the most blog responses.  Contest number six is an original song contest.  You get to create an original song.  Upload it to YouTube and send me the link.  I only have two submissions for this contest so far.  Two.  So if you create an original song, you have a very good chance of winning because I only have two submissions so far.  The prizes for this contest are a Blizzcon 2011 swag bag, minus the pet.  An advanced gaming eyewear from Gunnar, and a Mists of Pandaria beta key.  Pretty good prizes if you submit a song to this contest.

Contest number seven is a poetry or short story contest.  Write a poem or short story.  Upload it to your website, send me a link so I can read it.  The winner of this contest gets a Blizzcon 2011 swag bag, minus the pet, and a Mists of Pandaria beta key.  Contest number eight is my Oxhorn cosplay contest.  I only have three submissions to this contest so far.  So this contest, you have a very good chance of winning if you actually submit.  All you have to do for this contest is dress up like me:  hat, beard, cigar, scotch, glasses maybe.  I don’t always wear my glasses, but glasses.  The prizes for this contest are a partial bag of Blizzcon ’11 swag.  It’s missing the pet and a few other things, mainly pamphlets and programs.  And a Mists of Pandaria beta key.  The final contest I am running is my face fun contest.  Contest number nine, face fun contest.  Basically, submit some fan art of my face.  Distort my face, draw something on my face, make my face look crazy, make my face look awesome.  Do something creative to my face.  Send it to me and the one I like best wins one grab bag of past convention swag.  It’s just a random grab bag of stuff I’ve collected over the years from previous conventions.  It includes a Dethling figurine, a Starcraft 2 figurine, and some other stuff.  And a Mists of Pandaria beta key.

So there you go.  Those are the prizes that I’m giving away.  This contest ends on Sunday, so you are running out of time.  You’re running out of time, but you’ve got a few days left to get something to me.  Anything I get before Sunday still counts and there are a lot of wonderful prizes to give away.  Austin Lundy on Twitter says, “Does the song need vocals, because I can’t sing?”  Yes, it does need vocals.  You need to write some vocals and record yourself singing them.  Get someone else to sing them and record the song.  Write the song and lyrics and just get someone else to sing them.  That counts.  I’m just looking for something original and creative.   If you can’t sing, that’s a bummer but it doesn’t mean you can’t submit.  You still have a chance.  [pause]  MorimBori says, “Ox, I’m going to make a music video but I’m stuck.”  My friend, one of the things that I learned when I started making machinima is just to do it.  There were moments when I got stuck on the script and I wasn’t getting it right and I didn’t know where to proceed.  And I would just put something in there as a placeholder and then move on and create the rest of it, what I knew.  And then by the time I finished, I usually had a great idea of what to put in that spot and I would go back and plug it in there.  Maybe it was a funny joke.  Maybe it was a song montage. Or I found a way to just merge things together.  Just keep on trucking.  You can do it.  I have faith in you.  [pause]

SuperAwesome Unicorn says, “Who agrees, if I get Ox a lifetime supply of cigars, he would be very happy?”  I do.  I agree.  If you give me a lifetime supply of cigars, you know what?  You will officially be my best friend.  That’s right.  I will put you in my memoirs as Oxhorn’s best friend.  So if you want to be in my memoirs, box of cigars.  Can’t go wrong, just saying.  [laughs]  Mr. Boozle says, “What are you smoking so late tonight?”  Forgive me.  I forgot to tell you what I was smoking tonight.  Oxhorn, what is wrong with you?  Tonight, I am smoking something that looks like it’s got some Mayan artwork on it.  It says Room 101, and then there’s something partially obscured by the band.  Let me try and peel it off so I can tell you what I’m smoking tonight.  I bought a little grab bag of cigars at my favorite cigar shop in Seattle.  It’s called J & J Cigars.  Great guy.  Love the owner.  But I don’t exactly know everything that I bought.  Today I am smoking a La Serie, Connecticut Wrapper.  So it’s a La Serie C, the letter C, with a Connecticut Wrapper and it says Room 101.  And it’s got some interesting Mayan artwork on it.  I don’t know if you can see that, but—it’s not bad.  SuperPurpleNinjaMonkey says, “My brother worked at J & Js.”  Well, great.  We’ve got a family of cigar loving aficionados here at ScotchAndSmokeRings.com.  Fantastic.

Therogore says, “Ox, you are making me want to smoke.”  {laughs]  Look—listen, go to Scotch and Smoke Rings—no, BloggingWithClass.com.  No, which website do I have that on?  I have it on ScotchAndSmokeRings.com.  If you’ll look at the About section, I go over my philosophy on smoking cigars.  Here it is, basically:  my goal is not to get children to smoke.  That is not Oxhorn’s goal, right?  My goal is to demonstrate that even dangerous substances like cigars can be used in a gentlemanly manner, within moderation that will not get you addicted.  My philosophy is not that the object or the item is the sin, but the way it’s used, that can be a sin.  Just like a car is not an evil object, but a dangerous man behind the wheel makes it a dangerous object.  That’s my philosophy on cigars.  If you smoke a cigar within moderation, like once a week like I do—I smoke very infrequently, oftentimes once or twice a week.  That’s really all I smoke—then you’re not going to be harmed, in my humble opinion.  There’s just not enough tar and nicotine that’s going to be getting in your system to cause you any harm.  If, however, you become a daily cigar smoker or if you inhale the smoke, then that could be dangerous.  So my entire goal is to demonstrate how to use the item properly, not to demonize the item.  I don’t believe in demonizing things.  I believe in classy behavior as opposed to unclassy behavior.  Classy behavior is realizing that it’s going to take maturity and moderation to use this without endangering your life or the life of those whom you love.  Unclassy behavior is not giving a whooping funt and doing so as much as you can because you can.  That is immaturity.  That is unclassiness, and that is the type of behavior that I’m trying to fight and combat here at ScotchAndSmokeRings.com.  [pause]

Brad says, “Can you give a shout out to my bro, Nick?  He hasn’t watched in one year and he finally restarted.”  Nick, it is a pleasure to have you here again.  I don’t know what it is that I could’ve possibly done or said to turn you off for an entire year, but I am so glad that you are back.  Welcome, sir.  Chin, chin.  Chin, chin.  Profit Bob says, “Hey, Oxhorn, can you give a shout out to my friend Austin Patrick?  It is his birthday.”  Congratulations, Austin Patrick, for your birthday.  I don’t know how old you are turning, but happy birthday.  I’m glad you’re doing so here.  [pause]  Care to check Twitter, good sir?  Yeah, I’ll check Twitter.  Let’s see.  What have I missed?  Shyster says, “Sad to not see Pat in the show, but Ox, I would like to know if you like sushi.  I think it’s pretty amazing.  It’s almost 1:00am here.  Huzzah.”  That’s a whole lot in one little package.  My friend, I hope I do not offend you by saying no, I hate sushi.  I really do.  Look, I am a red meat kind of fellow.  I love the grilled flesh of any creature that was once milk producing and had breath, minus human.  Did I cover my bases there?  Yeah, I think I did.  I’m talking about pig and cow.  There’s nothing better in life than the roasted carcass of a pig or cow before your face so that you can devour.  When it comes to fish, I’ll leave that to the vegans and hippies, or vegetarians and hippies.  You know there are some vegetarians that will still eat fish, maybe even chicken?  I don’t understand the logic there, but there are some.  And I’m not demonizing anyone who eats fish or chicken.  I actually do enjoy chicken, even turkey.  I’m a big fan of turkey.  I’m not a big fan of fish, but there’s nothing wrong with it.  I am just saying that as a man of an esteemed beard that I have to keep up, I am therefore required to eat beef and pork.  And I also realize that not all sushi is fish.  Sometimes it can be plants wrapped in seaweed.  Come on.  Who would eat that?  Ugh, it’s disgraceful.  [laughs]  [pause]

Superawesome unicorn says, “Tell us about the cigar with the warning label.  You said last episode you would.”  You’re right.  I apologize.  I told you that I would and I’m not smoking it right now.  I think I still have it.  I hope I didn’t smoke it.  No, I didn’t.  Here it is.  Yeah, so it’s got a warning label that says, “Advisory: Thoroughly toast entire cigar foot before smoking.”  And it’s got a very bizarre foot.  You see that?  It’s got a little square widget at the top of it, at the foot of it, and I’ve never seen that before.  It’s a very bizarre kind of cigar.  I was going to smoke it today, but I forgot so I will save this for next week.  And I will smoke it next week and we will see exactly why there is an advisory in yellow and black on this cigar to burn the entire foot before smoking.  Very strange.  I am curious.  Maybe it will turn me into something magnificent, but I don’t think it will because I’m already magnificent.  [pause]  Bobs4gthreet says, “These caruncles are very tasty.”  Yes, they are.  I do like caruncles.    Ha.  Trubigger says, “Next week, the last episode of Scotch and Smoke Rings ever.”  [laughs]  Quite possibly.  We’ll see.  Tune in to find out.  [laughs]

Mr. Boozles says, “You missed me saying, ‘You make moderation look cool.’”  Why, thank you, sir.  I am all about moderation.  Cheers.  Bottoms up.  [pause] PoorMan379 says, “Sorry I missed your show tonight.  I was playing Minecraft again.”  That’s all right.  Minecraft is a fine game.  We’ll see you next week.  Brad says, “My bro says there’s nothing wrong with you, Ox, he just hasn’t had a working computer.  He’s with me now and he says thanks for the shout out.  Both big fans.”  Well, it is a pleasure to have you back.  I’m so glad you’re back and hopefully you’ve got a new computer so that you can come every single week.  Gnomeo says, “If Oxhorn were to host G4’s Attack of the Show, would he?”  Depends.  If they allow me to smoke, yes.  If they don’t, shame on them.  Vazey125 says, “Is exterminator going on now?”  No, Vazey, it is not going on now.  I haven’t decided if I want to do that tonight.  Let’s see.  How many beta keys do I have left?  I started with hundreds and I’ve given away hundreds, so I’m trying to see exactly how many I have left.  I’ve been taking fairly good record.  I’ve got a few left.  I have a few left, but I’ll burn through them fairly quickly if I’m not careful.  Sonji says, “Roasted pig in the ground, a case of scotch, and ten pounds of roasted potatoes equals heaven.”  You and I, we are kin.  Kin.  [pause]

Ringo642 says, “Hey, Ox, would you please inform me if you received my original song contest entry?”  I have to admit that I haven’t checked my mail in two days, so I’m going to look.  Fan art, fan art, writing, fan art, cosplay.  We have another cosplay.  Awesome.  Fan art, face, song.  Ryan?  Yes, I just got it.  I do have your song contest entry.  I haven’t added it to the contest yet because I haven’t checked my mail, but I do have it in my inbox.  So never fear, my friend.  I will add it to the contest as soon as I have a chance.  So there you go.  I’ve got it.  [pause]  [laughs]  Morimbori says, “Ox, where do we send it to?”  You send your submissions to Brandon@Oxhorn.com.  Be sure to read the contest rules because every contest has its own unique parameters that you must fulfill in order to qualify.  Some of them actually include posting your fan art on other websites and including links back to my websites, so be sure to read your contest rules clearly before submitting to me at Brandon@Oxhorn.com.  [pause]  Shyster112 says, “I hear you in saying smoking and drinking in moderation, but I prefer doing things that are legal in my state, like not underage smoking and drinking.”  Shyster, I have that exact same preference.  Perhaps I did not make myself clear, but I in no way am encouraging underage people to participate in illegal activities like smoking or drinking before the appropriate time.  So my apologies if I misinformed you, but I do not believe that it is right, nor am I encouraging people to smoke and drink before the legal age.

Brad says, “Ox, how many words can the stories be?”  They can be as many as you want, but at least 300 or so.  It’s got to be a substantial story.  It can’t be a sentence.  Brad walked into a bar.  It hurt.  That’s not a story.  Just saying.  Not that you would do that, just saying.  [pause]  Superawesome Unicorn says, “Ox, what’s your favorite techno song if you listen to it?  Mine’s “DotA” by Basshunter.”  Skrillex sucks.  Skrillex is not techno.  Skrillex is a bunch of boring dubstep.  You know, I’m actually fairly educated about this topic, strangely enough.  I listen to Skrillex and Basshunter and Deadmau5 and a bunch of other things at work.  I’m educating myself.  Honestly, I’m not very fond of Skrillex.  There are a few songs  they’ve done that I like, but I’m not terribly fond of them.  There was this one band that I really enjoy.  Let’s see.  They’ve got some rich, thumpin’ beats.  Rich, thumpin’ beats.  Let’s see if I can find them.  [pause]  They’re on my Pandora radio station, right?  Let’s see.  I’m going to pause my classy music.  Ratatat.  Ratatat.  These guys are OK.  Sometimes their stuff is a little too weird for me, but every now and then they’ll have something interesting, so here’s some Ratatat.  [pause]  All right, so there’s also Bassnectar.  Am I pronouncing it right, or is it Base-nectar?   This is Bassnectar?  OK.  [pause]  Yeah, OK.  Here’s Skrillex.  No, that’s actually Deadmau5.  Why is Deadmau5 in my Skrillex—here, skipping.  Skipping.  Where’s—I want to listen to some—Mortal Kombat?  No, I don’t want to listen to Mortal Kombat.  Egh.  All right, so there’s some other interesting things that I listen to while I’m at work.  You know, I have found that listening to techno really just gets me through the workday, right?  I love my job, but sometimes what I do is tedious:  a lot of writing, a lot of search engine optimization.  And sometimes I really just need to get into some sort of techno or dubstep groove in order to get through the day.  So that’s some of the stuff of what I listen to.  [pause]

Songify?  You want me to Songify a dubstep song?  [laughs]  Maybe.  It’s pronounced Base-hunter?  Really?  But it’s spelled Bass-hunter.  Why do they do things like that?  They whole Deadmau5 thing completely annoyed me because it’s spelled Dead Mau 5.  Why would they do—oh, leet speak.  That’s right.  Whatevs.  It’s kind of like the brand name Chick-Fil-A.  It’s spelled Chick-Fil-uh, fil-uh.  You don’t say “filet” unless it’s AY.  It’s spelled Fil-A.  Why would they pronounce it “’filet”?  It confuses and baffles my poor and simple mind.  [pause]  Jake says, “It took me a week to understand Deadmau5.”  Actually, yeah.  So the more I listen to it, the more I like it.  And I suppose that’s the way it is with most tunes.  The more you listen to it, the more you like it.  Carddon says, “Chick-Fil-A is amazing.  Just saying.”  I’ve actually never had Chick-Fil-A.  I’m tempted.  The next time I’m in Kentucky, I will have it.  You know we don’t have Chick-Fil-A on the west coast, at least not in Washington State where I live.  There are so many fast food joints that I discovered in Kentucky when I was there, and also in Alabama and Arkansas and Georgia.  I’ve been to all of those places and they all have strange and exotic fast food joints that I’ve never heard of before, like White Castle, for example.  I know that there was a movie about White Castle, but White Castle is not on the West Coast.  We do not have them in Seattle.  What’s another one?  Oh, Waffle House, right?  There’s an entire restaurant chain called Waffle House, where you go to a house to eat waffles.  Brilliant.  Why don’t we have that here?  Man.   I actually never tried it.  Does Waffle House have good waffles?  I would assume they would.  I heard that they put chicken on their waffles.  Who puts chicken on waffles?  That’s just bizarre, but I would try it.  Never tried it before.  Green Giant says, “You guys have In-N-Out, though.”  Yes, but only in California.  I am in Washington State and, sadly, sadly, In-N-Out burger has not made its way up here.  So I have only been able to enjoy In-N-Out burger when I have travelled to California.

Really, SuperAwesome?  That’s what you’re saying on Scotch and—thank you, Ironbark.  Kudos to Ironbark.  Everybody give him a hand of applause.  You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar.  That is why you are an awesome mod.  Nice work, Ironbark.  [pause]  [laughs]  Aerimae says, “Have you ever been to Vancouver?  It’s only two hours from you.”  Yes, I have, but I didn’t get to explore the city.  I went once when I was very young.   I was in the Boy Scouts.  Many of you know that I’m an Eagle Scout.  And we went to a number of scouting events in Vancouver.  But I don’t remember the city because I didn’t get to explore it.  Recently, my beautiful wife and I went on vacation to Victoria, which is kind of close to Vancouver.  You can drive there if you want, just take a couple of ferries.  Victoria was gorgeous.  It was absolutely beautiful.  I loved it and I’m going to have to go back.  Which Vancouver?  Oh, you’re also referring to Vancouver, Washington.  I have never been to Vancouver, Washington.  [pause]  That’s right, this is Scotch and Smoke Rings and I have until now refrained from blowing smoke rings.  That is a tragedy.  Why have I done so?  It is now time, ladies and gentlemen, for a stream, a steady stream of tasty smoke rings.  [pause]  So glad my internet is working.  I needed this.  I don’t know about you, but I needed more of me.  Delothel says, “Shame on you, Ox.”  What did I do?  Man, what did I do this time?  Everybody’s getting on my case.  I’m just a guy with a beard and awesome hat trying to live his life in front of a camera and a cigar.  Why, why the hate, man?  [pause]  No rings.  Oh, gotcha.  Gotcha.  Well, for that reason, I am ashamed that I waited until now to do smoke rings, so my apologies.  I’ll have to just do more, right?  There we go.  [pause]

Ha ha ha ha.  Thank you for your forgiveness, Delothel.  That really does mean a lot to me.  [laughs]  Trulburger says, “This really is nice music to organize the Invisible Pink Unicorn guild bank by.”  Thank you, Trulburger.  By the way, I’m so glad that fellows like you—and felinas if you happen to be female—are working so hard to keep the Invisible Pink Unicorns running and humming along.  It is no secret to anyone that I just do not have time these days to log on to World of Warcraft.  I do every now and then when I have a chance, especially when working on a movie.  But I have a wonderful, beautiful guild filled with amazing people called the Invisible Pink Unicorns that I have been neglecting.  So thank you all so much for continuing to make it a thriving guild and organizing it as best as you can.  Hstar says, “How is Nova doing?”  She is doing admirably.  We actually just got back from a work function where she got to come with me and we showed off the baby to all my coworkers.  And they absolutely loved her and loved him.  We had a great time.  It was a beautiful day n Seattle today.  So the work event that I went to was a big party on the beach.  That’s right, Seattle has beaches.  Who knew, right?  And they had grilled cow.  Oh, it was great.    Grilled cow.  I love my job.  They don’t shy away—even in liberal Seattle—from cooking the flesh of an animal and then devouring it with their mighty jaws.  I love my coworkers.  What can I say?  Therogore says, “By the way, I’m back in the guild, Ox.”  Awesome.  Fantastic.

Jake says, “Wait, are you a brony, Ox?”  What on earth is a brony?  Is that some sort of Bilbo pony?  What’s a brony?  Am I missing out on some sort of crazy internet cultural thing?  Am I that obtuse that I have lost touch with the very culture that spawned my internet franchise that I don’t know what a brony is?  Ironbark says, “You don’t want to know.”  An adult member of the My Little Pony community?  My Little Pony is back?  Weren’t those plastic toys from the nineties that little girls would get along with their little trolls with the hair and they would comb?  Those are back?  How did those get back?  Oh, it’s a show.  It’s a TV show.  They made a TV show about My Little Ponies?  Well, I mean, if Kim Kardashian can have her own reality show, I suppose it just makes sense that they’re going to have a TV show about My Little Ponies.  My goodness.  This world.  What on earth is going on?  I don’t even know, man.  [laughs]  Furbies are coming back? Really?  It’s like the nineties all over again.  Are they going to have Teddy Ruxpin?  What about Tickle Me Elmo?  Are those back, or did those even ever go away?  Man, I remember GI Joes.  I actually really liked GI Joes when I was a kid.  I was too young to have experienced the GI Joe dolls, so instead I had the figurines.   Man, I would go out and get all of the tanks and the fortresses.  Every Christmas it was like I would get some sort of GI Joe fortress.  The real American hero.  That’s right, Mr. Boozles.  I liked GI Joe when I was a kid.  Robotech.  Did any of you ever get into Robotech?  I was big into Robotech when I was a kid.  Man, I’ve got fond memories of Rick Hunter, Lisa Hayes, Minmay.  Yeah, Robotech.  Good memories.  Good memories.  Never got into Transformers.  Don’t know why, but I liked Robotech.  [pause]  [laughs]  Yeah, it was great, huh?  I was so into Robotech, I read all of the novels.  And I even tried to play the RPG game.  I don’t know if you guys know this but when D&D was big in the nineties, they even came out with an RPG game, like a paper board RPG—it wasn’t a board.  It was a paper RPG game, for Robotech.  We never had any good campaigns, but I tried to play some.  The name of my character, I kept and used him as the main character for my novel, which I haven’t published yet.

Anyway, Power Rangers, says Faith.  Yes, Power Rangers.  Wow.  You know what I actually like?  I made fun of Power Rangers.  Wait, you all know this, obviously.  Mighty Morphin’ Midget Gnomes Unite, obviously I’m making fun of Power Rangers.  There’s a scene in Mighty Morphin’ Midget Gnomes where they go into the whole transmog scene and they’re flying into the air and they’re transforming into the giant guy.  But when they’re hoisted into the air, you’re going to see hands pushing them up.  The reason I did that is because I have vivid memories as a child of watching a few episodes of Power Rangers.  I never really got into Power Rangers.  I saw maybe one or two episodes, but I have vivid memories as a child of seeing the main characters flying into the air to transform into their Power Ranger self, and there were people behind the scenes putting their hands underneath the actors and throwing them into the air.  And the editing was so bad for this children’s show that almost every time, I would see the hands get on to the screen.  And it ruined it for me.  At that moment, I was like, “Pfft, I’m not watching Power Rangers.  These guys are lazy editors.”  So I never got into it.  And then I made fun of it in Mighty Morphin’ Midget Gnomes Unite.  [laughs]  Dragon ball Z?  Yeah, I was also fairly into Dragon ball Z, Super Saiyan, and all that jazz.  Captain Planet.  Man, I didn’t realize at the time how horrible Captain Planet was, which is why I was into it.  But I was into it, man.  [singing]  Captain Planet, he’s a hero.  Gonna take pollution down to zero.  Now I’m all like, “Pollution?  Bring it on.”  I breathe exhaust fumes.  It’s what gives me my super power.  Ugh.  Hippie TV shows.  What can I say?  [pause]

Shyster says, “I grew up on Power Rangers.  Come on, man.  You’re killing my childhood.”  I’m so sorry.  [laughs]   What can I say?  If you like Power Rangers, there’s no fault there, right?  Because you had the red ranger and he was in red.  Then they had the dinosaur robots that could merge and turn into even bigger dinosaur robots.  And they made sound effects like “Woo-ha.”  And then composited special effects that were worse than special effects from the seventies.  I mean, I don’t really want to spoil it for you, so my apologies.  [laughs]  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Another great one.  I was really into—my favorite was Michelangelo.  I loved Michelangelo.  I don’t know what it was.  Maybe it was something about nun chucks or the color orange.  But I didn’t like Raphael because he had too much of an attitude and I thought he was spoiled.  He was a little spoiled, rebellious brat.  I liked all the other ones, but they were kind of too mature for me.  I liked Michelangelo.  He was a nice, even mix.  Yeah, he was named after an amazing artist.  And he was close to red because orange is only a slight variation of red, but he wasn’t quite as rebellious as red, so that’s why I liked Michelangelo.  [pause]  How did we get into this?

We’re talking about nineties TV shows?  Honestly, the nineties was the epitome of children’s TV.  Everything after that—I don’t know what started it.  Was it SpongeBob that started the decline?  Or maybe—you know what?  I’m going to go with Ren and Stimpy.  I think Ren and Stimpy was the beginning to the end of children’s TV shows.  Now I know that many people liked Ren and Stimpy, that it was the epitome of children’s TV, but I never got into Ren and Stimpy when I was a kid.  Never.   There was [singing] Rocko’s Modern Life, hey.  Rocko’s Modern Life.  I remember that.  Wow.  You’re opening up a segment of my mind that I haven’t touched in years.  Thank you, Therogore, for doing so.  Now how did I remember that tune?  Does anybody remember Pirates of Blackwater or Widget?  Anyway, I didn’t like Ren and Stimpy, and then I randomly came across an episode of Ren and Stimpy when I was an adult and I didn’t like the animation.  I thought it was crass.  I mean, the entire thing about the show was let’s show off disgusting things on a dog’s tongue.  That was the show.  Let’s show what dog earwax looks like.  Oh, well, that’s creative.  I’m sure the children are going to love it.  That was the beginning to the end.  I did like Pirates of Blackwater.  Sheera.  He-Man.  Ah, good memories.  I mean, everything after that is just—it’s dead for me.  [pause]

Bob—oh, Bob Saget.  I get it now.  Okay.  Bob Saget says, “Any word on the sitcoms you grew up watching, Ox?”  Yeah.  Yeah, what did I watch as a kid?  I watched Saved by the Bell, of course.  I watched Saved by the Bell before it was cancelled.  Didn’t get into their whole college years thing, but I did watch Saved by the Bell.  How did the song go?  [Singing]  . . .in the morning. . .on time. . .it’s all right, because I’m saved by the bell.  That’s all I remember.  How am I digging things up from my past?  I’m 30 years old.  I’m turning 31 in less than a month.  How do I remember these things?  What else did I watch?  Full House was great.  Home improvement was great.  I really enjoyed Home Improvement.  I really liked Al.  Al was my favorite.  What else did I watch?  What was that show—I forget.  Yes, Super Purple Ninja Monkey says, “Are you also an August baby?”  Yeah, my birthday is August 2nd.  I was born August 2nd of 1981.  Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.  Of course I watched Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.  Who didn’t, man?  The show is awesome.  I love that show.  That was a great show.  I really liked the dad of that show.  Uncle Phil was his name?  He was my absolute favorite.  He was just—he was mature.  He managed his finances.  He was a leader of his family, and yeah, he was made fun of by Will Smith, but I mean, Will Smith.  Come on.   Uncle Phil was way awesomer than Will Smith.  Family Matters?  Totally.  Totally.  I saw Family Matters.  It was good.  Carlton.  I did enjoy Carlton.  I don’t know if this is true, but at the time, I remember hearing that next to Michael Jackson, the actor who played Carlton was the best dancer in the world.  Like there was Michael Jackson, best dancer in the world, and then Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, second best.  Was he?   I don’t know.  I just—he danced great on the show.  Looked awesome in sweaters.  [pause]

[laughs]  Yes, and of course, Home Improvement.  X-Men.  My brother and I, every Saturday morning, would watch X-Men.  I never read the comics.  The only reason I had any interest in the movies whatsoever is because as a child, I watched the X-men TV show and I really enjoyed Gambit.  Gambit was my favorite character of all.  He had an awesome accent.  He looked cool, and all he did was carry around a big stick and playing cards, right?  Oh, Hadelavalune is giving me the theme song to Saved by the Bell.  Do we have that here?  I don’t know.  [song playing]  Man, that’s great.  It’s bringing back the memories.  Thank you for that one.   Saved by the Bell.  Of all things, how did we get on this topic?  [laughs]  What do you know?  My goodness.  [laughs]  Avatar?  Never saw it.  Never got in to it.  Gargoyles.  Yes.  I did get into Gargoyles.  It was a little dark for me at the time, but I actually—the episodes I saw were fun.

And I remember Doug.  Yes, Shyster.  Doug was actually a very good show.  I think one of my favorite shows about Doug, and this is actually going to—this is something that stuck with me for a very long time.  There was an episode of Doug where all of the characters were forming a band, a rock band, right?  And it started out with three characters, and they each had their own instruments and they were a performing band and they were doing really well.  And so they started to get gigs, performing at high schools and stuff.  And then some of their other friends from high school wanted to get in on the action.  And Doug and his friends, they couldn’t say no because they were so nice.  So they would invite this guy to join the band and then that guy to join the band.  And before they knew it, they had 30 different people who were in this band and it turned into this crazy orchestra and there was no leadership and the music sounded horrible.  I actually learned a lesson from that episode.  The lesson is, look, when it comes to things of creativity, there is one leader.  There is one person who has the spark of ingenuity that drives that creative process.  And you’ll see this with rock bands, right?  Like Queen, for example.  Queen was an amazing band, but the genius of Queen—come on, how am I forgetting his name?  Of course I know his name.  What was his name?  The guy who died.  Bohemian Rhapsody.  How am I forgetting his name?  Anyway—Freddie Mercury.  Yes, thank you.  Thank you.  Freddie Mercury.  The genius of Queen was Freddie Mercury, right?  Yes, it took all of the other people of Queen to make that band Queen, but when Freddie Mercury died, the band completely just fell off the map.  And I learned that lesson from Doug.  Doug.

Vazey125 says, “Can I get a shout out?  My birthday is in five days after yours.”   Absolutely.  I’ll probably have a few shows before that, though, so remind me again and I’ll wish you happy birthday a little closer to your birthday.  [pause]  TopMag says, “The genius was Brian May.  Sorry to disappoint.”  Really?  Is that true?  Maybe I have my facts wrong.  I thought that Freddie Mercury was the writer and lead singer, not necessarily Brian May.  I could be wrong.  I don’t really pretend to be a music historian or even really an expert on music, but I always thought it was Freddie Mercury.  [pause]  Well, for those who are interested in music not from the nineties, I always really enjoyed—or seventies for that matter—Cab Calloway.  If you ever have a chance, Google Cab Calloway and listen to some of his music from the twenties and thirties.  Great, great musician.  Brad, are you really just reciting all of the lyrics to Fresh Prince of Bel-Air?  On the playground is where I spent most of my days, chillin’ out, maxin’, relaxin’ all cool and all shootin’ some b-ball outside of school when a couple of guys who were up to no good started making trouble in my neighborhood.  I got in one little fight and my mom got scared.  She said, ‘You’re movin’ with your auntie and uncle in Bel-Air.’  Yeah, I know.  We all saw the show, my friend.  We listened to that song so much that we’ve all got it memorized.  But congratulations to you, good sir, for sharing with us.  [pause] [laughs]  You know I liked Bob Saget, Bob Saget, in Full House and in America’s Funniest Home Videos.  But as a stand-up comedian and a person, I just think he’s far too crass.  Bob Saget, crass?  Yeah, apparently he is.  Not my favorite comedian now.  What can I say? [laughs]  Exactly.  [pause]

Ladies and gentlemen, it is 10:30.  I finally have a good internet connection and it’s time to end the show.  I think I’ve been going on for an hour.  Have I been going on for an hour?  Should I end it now and do a smoke ship, or do you guys want me to go on for more?  I’m not fond of Tosh O, personally.  In fact, I have a blog post dedicated to him and how much I dislike him, but that’s just my personal preference.  More?  Keep going?  Delothel asks, “How come you don’t talk songs anymore?”  My friend, I do continue—I haven’t ended that segment completely.  I will do more spoken word versions of popular songs.  I just haven’t had time to actually sit down and be creative, right?  I’ve been so preoccupied with—I don’t know—getting married, having a baby, fulltime job, contests, machinima, that I have forgotten to do that segment of this fine program.  But it is not gone.  I will do it in the future, but not today.

All right, so before we end the program, ladies and gentlemen, I told this to the show watchers who were here earlier.  But to those who missed it, Blizzard has given me tickets to give away to the 2012 Battle.net World Championships in Shanghai, China, November 17th through November 18th.  Now the way I’m going to give these out is like this.  First, before I go over that, I want to emphasize that there is a lot of monetary investment involved in this.  If you want to go to the Battle.net World Championships in Shanghai, China, I’ve got ten tickets to give away.  But bear in mind that Blizzard isn’t covering your travel expenses, right?  Neither are they helping you get your passport put together.  So in order to actually claim one of these, you’ve got to have a passport that’s updated, you have to be of the appropriate age to travel on your own, and you have to have enough money saved away for $1000, maybe $1500 to spend on plane tickets and accommodations.  So that said ahead of time, I am giving away ten tickets to the Battle.net World Championships.  Blizzard hasn’t given them to me yet, but they have promised them to me.  So right now, I’m just collecting the names of ten people and their Battle.net IDs for those who wish to go and have the ability to go.  So the first ten people that email me at Brandon@Oxhorn.com with a subject that says “World Championships” get those tickets.  Just the first ten that email me.  That’s what I’m doing.  I don’t expect to get very many because I know that most of you probably won’t be able to go for the same reasons I’m not going.  They offered me a ticket.  I turned it down because I’m not going to plop down $1500 to go to Shanghai.  But if you have the means and you want to go and all you’re missing is the ticket and you have a passport and you’re good to go otherwise, then I have a ticket for you.  Email me at Brandon@Oxhorn.com.  The first ten people that do so get a ticket to the 2012 Battle.net World Championships.  I only have ten to give away and you have to have the means to go yourself.  Make the subject of your email “World Championships” so that I can distinguish your email from the thousands that I get.  Anyway, so there you go.  [pause]

Prophet Bob says, “What’s the heaviest band you ever listened to?”  I really enjoy listening to Blind Guardian and Dragonforce.  Both fantastic bands.  If you have Pandora, put on the Blind Guardian or Dragonforce stations and you’ll get a whole bunch of other really great sort of German, fantasy, death metal that’s actually really talented.  Those are the bands that I enjoy.  You’re eyes are glued to the Queen of Hearts in the background?  There you go.  Not anymore.  I kid.  It’s a clock.  It’s a clock that doesn’t work because, apparently, the battery’s out.  What time does it say it is?  Oh, maybe it is working because it’s actually on time.  [laughs]  “That ain’t death metal,” says BloodDrunk93.  Yeah, you’re probably right.  Not death metal.  It’s like a hard, fantasy-inspired metal, which I enjoy.  [pause]  Eternal says, “Sonata Arctica?”  Sonata Arctica?  Cool.  Yes, I have heard “Through the Fire and Flames.”  Indeed, Bob Saget, indeed.

All right, ladies and gentlemen, it is time for me to end this fine program.  What are your smoke ship ideas?  I will do my very best to blow them into fruition.  That didn’t make sense.  To blow them into existence, the fruition of which will be that you will be entertained by the smoke ships that I create.  [laughs]  Shyster on Twitter says, “Remembering all of these old shows makes me feel so old and I’m not even 20.  Why, Ox?  Why?”  That’s nostalgia for you, man.   Nostalgia.  FireNavy says, “Fighting off pandas and Prince Zuko, during the middle of the battle, Zuko joins Aang and begins fighting Azula.  During the whole thing, Katara is waterbending.”  Since every other word in that sentence I didn’t understand, I’m going to have to pass on that one.  It was probably very creative, my friend, but I just didn’t get it.  TopMag1 says, “Oxhorn collecting red snapper and peacebloom, Staghelm eating pecan pie and Mortuus taking care of his cowbies on the ship.”  Very nice.  Very nice.   I’m not doing pandas.  I’ll say panda, but there’s no exterminator for this particular show.  I’m still doing the contest.  No exterminator.  “Ox with a bacon staff fighting a cross-breed panda elf, while Stag eats a pie and Mortuus fights a giant panda.”  [pause]  “Bob Saget flying on Freddie Mercury, who is smoking a warning-labeled cigar and singing the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme?”  So Freddie Mercury is flying?  Cool.  Cool.  Bob Saget is just straddling the guy, right?  A little off.  Nicely done, though.  [pause]  Vazey125 says, “Oxhorn and Stag on a bacon boat blowing smoke rings at hippie elves that love earth.”  They love mother earth.  That’s actually a good one.  Lepidus of Runetotem says, “Oxhorn launching an elf into the mouth of Deathwing with a catapult.”  You guys, you’re tapping into my mind here.  You know exactly what I like.  All right, I think I’m going to go with Brad’s idea just because I like the idea of a bacon staff.  Like a staff made from bacon.  It’s pretty boss.  All right, Brad, I’m going with your idea.  Here we go, ladies and gentlemen.  Oxhorn with a bacon staff fighting a cross-breed panda/elf, while Staghorn eats a pie and Mortuus fights a giant panda.  A lot of battles going on here, but I like the bacon staff.  Here we go, ladies and gents.  [pause]

Whoa.  Woo wee.  I hope you didn’t blink, but if you did, you missed it.  What basically happened in smoke form for the briefest of moments was Oxhorn standing there with a giant staff made of bacon, a scepter, if you will, Super Purple Ninja Monkey.  And he was fighting off cross-breed panda elves, which is horrifying.  That’s actually a really good idea for a machinima.  Hm.  Anyway, he was fighting off a cross-breed of panda elves, while Staghorn sat there eating a pecan pie and Mortuus battled pandas.  Only at ScotchAndSmokeRings.com.  Cheers, ladies and gents.  Bottoms up.  [pause]  All right.  Well, thank you, everybody, for coming to this week’s episode of Scotch and Smoke Rings, way, way, way past my usual broadcast time and a little bit beyond my bedtime.  It’s time for me to go to bed, ladies and gentlemen.  But thank you so much for coming to this week’s episode of Scotch and Smoke Rings, episode 157.  I apologize profusely for my technical difficulties before the broadcast happened.  But thanks to the many of you who stuck through to the very and not so bitter end.  As we say here at ScotchAndSmokeRings.com at the end of the episode, be sure, my friends, as always to stay classy.

[End of Audio]

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